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Topic Survey Results

Residents responded to three topic surveys in April to provide further insight for the plan on engagement, resiliency, and mobility. The project team designed these surveys to collect targeted insight on topics that initial public outreach highlighted as important.

Keep reading for a general summary of the 1,316 responses we received, or use the buttons to look more in depth at the responses to a specific survey.

General Summary

We received 1,316 total responses. 386 people completed the Community Engagement survey, 391 people completed Resiliency survey, and 539 people completed the Mobility and Access survey.

All three surveys included an identical set of optional classification questions on race and ethnicity, income, age and other demographic descriptors. The results data will help determine the degree to which those who responded to surveys represent the population of Mt. Lebanon as a whole and whether/how targeted outreach is needed. The data also allows us to better understand the different perspectives various groups have on various survey questions.

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