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A bold plan for a new decade

In 2022, Mt. Lebanon began the process of updating the 10-year municipal comprehensive plan, which will guide goals, objectives, and priorities for the community over the next decade. This website will be updated as the centralized location for all information related to the comprehensive plan. This plan will build upon the municipality's success in having implemented Elevate Mt. Lebanon, the community's 2013 comprehensive plan.


As we move into 2023, the project will move from the information-gathering “Explore” phase to the “Test” and “Build” phases of the project where we will take the ideas and input we received in 2022 and dig deeper into these topics. There will be numerous opportunities throughout 2023 for the public to review our findings and provide additional input into the project. Our goal is to ratify the new comprehensive plan by the end of 2023, providing a roadmap for the municipal government over the next decade. 

Project timeline

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