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Wonky, trapezoid-shaped stripes in shades of pink, orange, and teal.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement topic focuses on fostering positive relations among citizens, key community organizations, and the municipality and effective communications, interactions, and collaborative partnerships between them.

Which events did you and/or members of your household attend in the last year? (Select all that apply.)

Uptown Farmers' Market

School performance (plays, musicals, etc)

Neighborhood block parties

School athletic event

Artists' Market

July 4th Community Celebration

Recreation Department program (class/sports league)

Lion's Club Farmers' Market

Youth sports league

Other library events

Other school events

Winter Market

Halloween Trunk or Treat

House of worship festivals and events

Beverly Brite Nite

Library Speaker Series

"Rock the Block" Public Safety Block Party

Tennis Pro Tournament

A bar chart with 18 bars. In order from top to bottom, their values are 71%, 49%, 46%, 45%, 40%, 37%, 36%, 36%, 35%, 30%, 29%, 27%, 21%, 19%, 19%, 17%, 16%, 15%, 9%, and 5%.

How did you get there? (Select all that apply.)

Private vehicle


Carpool or rideshare (including Uber/Lyft)


Light rail ("T")


A bar graph with six rows, in descending order. "Private vehicle" sits at around 84%, and "Walk" is at around 67%. From there, the numbers drop drastically, with "Carpool/rideshare" at around 5% and "Bike" at around 4%. "Light rail" has 1%, and "Bus" has 0%.

Rate your agreement with the following statements.

I feel safe in Mt. Lebanon.

I feel comfortable attending activities, events, or programs in Mt. Lebanon.

I feel comfortable shopping in Mt. Lebanon's business districts.

I feel comfortable contacting the Municipality with questions or concerns.

Mt. Lebanon provides sufficient events, activities, and programs to make residents feel welcome.

I feel like I belong in Mt. Lebanon.

Mt. Lebanon is a welcoming ommunity to all.

I would like to see Mt. Lebanon become more diverse.

Mt. Lebanon is welcoming to residents, but not to outsiders.

A stacked bar chart with 9 bars. Each bar has 5 sections, which each correspond to "Strongly Agree," "Agree," "Neutral," "Disagree," and "Strongly Disagree." The bars are shown in order of most agreement to least agreement.

Strongly Agree




Strongly Disagree

Does your neighborhood have a block party?

A pie chart. The teal section, "Yes," makes up 61% of the circle. Yellow, "No," is 30%. Green, "Not applicable/not sure," is 6%, and pink, "Not eligible," is 3%.



Not applicable/not sure

Not eligible

Do you have a library card?

A pie chart with two sections: teal, representing "Yes", making up 91% of the circle, and orange, "No," making up the remaining 9%.



Do you go for walks in your neighborhood?

A pie chart consisting of two sections: pink, "Yes," making up 97% of the circle, and green, "No," making up the remaining 3%.



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